YC851 Water Jet Loom

 YC851 is specially designed for twill and satin fabric, which have high-speed,high efficiency and steady operation.thus it performs very well in weaving twill and satin fabric.ranges from let system.shedding section,takeup section,drive system,and more sturdy structure.Suitable for super high speed and steady working.
Excellent performance in weaving high_density cloth.winder workable range of yarn and fabric.
The optional single-pump double nozzle electronic measuring& storage system,two-pump two nozzle electronic measuring& storage system,tappet shedding device, 
dobby shedding device can be mounted on this type water jet loom
Useful reeding width:150cm-360cm
pump:single pump and double pump
nozzle:one  nozzle two nozzle three nozzle four nozzle
feeder:mechanical feeder and electronic feeder
takp up:mechianical and electronic
let off:mechanical and electronic
speed:design speed:1200rpm,according to the fabric the sppeed is about 600rpm-900rpm
fram:4pieces;6pieces;8pieces ;10pieces;12pieces;14piecesat most
cam:common type type cam,the fram are 10pieces at most and speed about 680rpm at most
special cam:14pieces fram at most
high speed cam:about 900rpm
power:from 1.5kw-5kw
voltage:according to the request
weft density:5-60 thread per cm
can be equipped with water circulating device


(1) Q: Are you a manufacturer or agency?

      A: We are a professional manufacturer holding our own International Trade Department, for that can better understand customer's needs and offer a reasonable price.

(2) Q: Are you available for on-the-spot invitation?

      A: We do welcome our new and old friends come here to have a visitation. Besides, we would send you our exposition and relative information to promote a face-to-face meeting if you'd like to.

(3) Q: Is the price offered changeable?

      A: We offer reasonable price for every client, and the price is changeable according to purchasing amount.

(4) Q: How about the quality?

      A:The main subassembly and raw materials are all supplied by large companies. Key parts are research and developed by our own staff. Professional assembly line work and strict quality test system can ensure your high quality requirement.

 (5) Q: How's the after-sale service?

     A: We offer engineers available to service overseas under merchandiser's supervision and translation.

 (6) Q:What about the delivery time?

      A: General delivery time is 20 days or so for one container after we recieved your downpayment.If the order is less and we have stocks also,the delivery time is 10 days or so.If our factory is busy,then we will negotiate the time according to our production plan.

(7) Q:What's your payment term?
      T/T (30% of total amount deposit and 70% before shipment), Western Union

Welcome to inquiry and visit us , we will be very glad to be on your service!

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