About Us

Qingdao Shengshi Yinchun Machinery Technology Co., Ltd, It is specialized in the importing and exporting business of non-woven processing machinery, YC water-jet loom, YC Series air-jet loom,have successfully entered the markets in Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Bengal and South Africa, with high recognition from customers. 

Qingdao Shengshi Yinchun Machinery Technology Co., Ltd  locates in the west coast of Qingdao (New District of Qingdao), an beautiful and open coastal city of China. Thanks to the Qingdao Bonded Zone, Qianwangang Port, Qingdao Airport and large quantity of shipping and airline companies, it enjoys a conventient traffic. We have established a close cooperative relationship with many shipping and airline companies, able to provide the best shipping and air routes, customs clearance, tax payment, insurance purchase and other services for your cargos. 

Qingdao Shengshi Yinchun Machinery Technology Co., Ltd  has its plant located in Wangtai Town, the key center for China's textile machinery manufacturing, having accumulated over ten years of experience in textile machinery manufacturing where a set of rigorous mechanical manufacturing process of computer controlled machining, NC precision grinding, computer controlled baking, assembly line installation and quality inspection has been formed through the introduction and absorption of advanced technologies from home and abroad. Qualities of all products are guaranteed stable with reliable performance. 

Please kindly contact us at any time if you are interested in our products and we will provide you with sincere and friendly service. By choosing us, you've chosen a loyal friend, a reliable partner!